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This just like the PERM, BEC, and last July episode.They took actions without considering people already in line.Read more about the interview here: Pattinson is an actor, model, and musician from London.The Russian famine of 1921-22 was a direct result of Lenin’s collectivist policies.Price controls mean that it is unprofitable for small businesses to sell staple goods, creating shortages.enezuela has a complex monetary arrangement that makes use of three different exchange rates simultaneously.They have even started to raid zoos and to eat giant anteaters and flamingos.This letter nullified his out of status and was sufficient to satisfy the IO to get his I-485 approved.

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How many people experienced being stuck in BEC while PERM approves new application like crazy? Needless to say that the distincation between EB2 and EB3 has become so meaniningless now.

This feeds rampant corruption: the president’s cronies can buy dollars from the state at ten bolivars per dollar but proceed to sell them at 4,500 bolivars a dollar on the black market.

But probably the worst aspect of Venezuelan daily life is the violence.

One of the persons who filed EB2 told me that a high school graduate would probably be able to work in that position too. While most of us here have US Citizenship as their long term goal, they overlook that fact and focus on manipulating stuff to get a GC which might have severe consequences while applying for Naturalization.

Let me share with you the story of my friend who just got his US Citizenship in 2007.

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